The Way of the E-Book

E-books, in my honest opinion have become the way to study and learn for tech gurus around the world. Besides their popularity among all readers alike, e-books have paved the way for affordable education.

Granted, not all of us are avid readers, or thoroughly enjoy diving head first into a technical guide for hours on end, but when it comes to quick searches, referencing, and in some cases copying and pasting, e-books have got the advantage over the classic paper book.

Nothing will ever replace the paper book, the look, feel, smell, and texture. Reading paper books is as much as an experience as it is a task, but e-books give the ability to authors you may have never heard of before, a chance to thrive, make money, and self publish without all the costs and hardships that come with paper books.

E-books are also a great promotional tool for entrepreneurs and other tech startups to make their product more accessible to their customer base.

Cheap, easily accessible, web browser friendly, and usually cross platform compatible (though Amazon pretty much dominates the e-reader market) e-books make it possible for anyone to tell their stories, teach, get their name out there, and make money in the process.

If anyone is curious on how to publish and sell your own e-book, take a look here at Amazon Kindles Direct Publishing.

In closing, we here at TriForceCode are working hard at getting the site ready for Online Learning by making Information Technology video tutorials, and working on eBooks ourselves. Stay tuned for our first eBook titled “CYSA+ A Certification Prep Guide” which covers CompTIA’s Cyber Security Analyst certification.

Until next time… #dontcodealone