Roger Captain. Performing Ping Sweep.


One of the oldest and most trusted network scanners out there, Nmap is the go to tool for any hacker, no matter the hat. Used to discover hosts and services running on a Computer Network, the capabilities of this program are no joke and nothing to be played with, without quickly finding yourself in a heap of trouble.

Read here about the legal issues surrounding Network Scanning.

If you want to play around with it and see what it is capable of, I highly recommend setting up your own lab or finding some online labs like Hack the Box, mentioned in my previous post.

With features like:

  • Host Discovery
  • Port Scanning
  • Version Detection
  • OS Detection
  • Scripts

Nmap was designed to rapidly scan networks, with an easy to read output, and it also comes preinstalled on popular Pen-Testing distros like Kali Linux and Black Arch Linux. For those of you who prefer Graphical User Interfaces Nmap also offers Zenmap.

Zenmap is multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BSD) just like Nmap, and is free and open-source as well.

Have fun scanning all the things, legally of course 😉 and if you are curious about seeing all the open ports on your own Windows machine try opening up a command prompt and running:

netstat -an

Scared yet? If you are relying on Windows Defender to protect you, I highly recommend you think twice!