Revving Up for the Cloud!

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Holy heck it has been a while my fellow coders, and many apologies for the absence. I am still doing IPPSec write-ups and will get a few of those posted soon but today I want to swing things back towards the Cloud. I am currently studying Microsoft Azure being that the organization I work for has begun transitioning services off their traditional VMWare DataCenter to Azure.

Since the majority of my Cloud experience is in AWS, I thought we could learn Microsoft Azure together through a series of posts here on TriForceCode that will allows us to gain the knowledge necessary to pass AZ 103, 203, and 300.

First and foremost, let’s begin with creating our Azure account:

1.Browse to:

2. Select Free:

So, what do you get with that Free account?

  • $200 Credit to Spin up some Services! Whaaaaa!!! Thanks, Bill.<3
  • 12 Months Free of Popular Services! Okay, cool so which ones are free you ask?
  • Linux VMs, Windows VMs, Managed Disks, Blob Storage, File Storage, SQL Databases, Azure Cosmos DB, a whole bunch of terrifying AI stuff and plus a whole lot more, just head over and check it out.
  • Also, they have a butt ton of other services that are just always free, let’s get back to learning how to make that account.

3. Sign in with your GitHub, Microsoft account, or your hotmail, you know you have one, the shame is real. Probably best to just create a new Microsoft account.

4. Next, it’s time for that About page. Name, email, phone, standard gives us your soul information.

5. On the Identity verification by phone screen, select your country code, and type the number of a telephone to which you have immediate access. Now, for this part you can probably find a service online like Google Voice if you don’t want to use your personal number.

6. Select, text or call back to verify it is you signing up, enter the Verify Code and next let’s move on to the dreaded Credit Card info. Remember, it is your responsibility to cancel or deactivate all services before: Your 12 months is up or You have used the allotted hours for that “free period”. Personally, I would recommend committing a few hours, day or weekend at a time, so you can play around, and shut down any running services before you start getting charged.

7. Last, review the agreement. READ EVERYTHING, ALWAYS! and Click Sign Up.

To learn more about how billing works please visit:

Well, that is it team. Have fun playing around in the Cloud and stay tuned for the next post on our AZ 103 Azure Administrator journey.