Like.. Do you even Blog?


Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to the blogging game, the internet as you know it, runs on WordPress. Well, not literally, (not to get technical) but a lot of the sites we know and love, utilize WordPress.

Why you may ask? Well not all us are awesome programmers with sweet web design skills but plenty of people out there in World Wide Webs have a lot to offer in regards to content, and it is great to know there exist a platform that allows them to get their ideas out there, in an easy to use format.

Okay, awesome, you have your website up, how do you protect it? Are you just relying on your hosting provider or do you have your own means of providing protection for all of your hard (mostly unpaid, cough cough) work?

Most WP content creators like myself use Wordfence.

Acting as an endpoint firewall and malware scanner, Wordfence plays a vital roll in protecting your site against Brute Force and Complex types of attacks. (Complex meaning they were probably running script or using Metasploit.)

Basically, when an attack is detected the Firewall will block the source (IP Address) of that attack, and prevent it from accessing the site. Of course this is not full proof, no protection mechanism is, but it is a million times better than doing nothing and watching all of your hard work go to waste.

Take a look, the results speak for itself:

While WordFence is awesome and does a great job, don’t let it be your only means of defense.

Here are some other great ways to protect your site:

  • Disable Comments for your Site.
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication for logging in.
  • Use SSL (Offered through your Host Provider)
  • Deactivate or uninstall unused Plug-Ins

For some more protection measures check out this fantastic WP lock down list from CodeInWP

Also, don’t forget to protect the computers you use to log in to your site! Hit the link above and save 20% on AVG’s Internet Security Suite.