E-Book is not Easy!

As a lot of you may know, TriForceCode just dropped its first ebook: CySA+ A Certification Prep Guide and I thought I would take some time to give some advice on the process, if you are considering on writing one yourself.

Writing a book, is not easy!

With the millions of books on Amazon, the thought enters your mind “Really, how hard can it be?” It’s hard, especially if you want to write quality content. I sat down after watching a few weeks worth of videos on YouTube, researching online, and after about three months of taking in all of the suggestions, I decided it was time.

Here are some helpful hints that I hope help you:

Take all of the notes! Writing a book no matter the subject requires research, whether it is looking for facts or digging in the depths of your imagination, taking notes helps you remember what you want to write and helps build structure for your book.

Plan it out! We are not all Stephen King, that man cranks out 6 pages a day which doesn’t sound like much but when you are writing, just a few pages can consume an entire day without you even realizing it.

Don’t rush it. You are not on a deadline from your publisher because a lot of writers these days self-publish using Amazon KDP or some other means. If you want people to buy your books in the future you have to ensure the first one is worth reading.

Writing is a creative process. No matter the subject writing takes heart, passion, and hard work. Don’t go into this thinking I will just throw something together and that is good enough. You are selling yourself as much as you want to sell your book.

Borrowing from Arundhati Roy’s book The Cost of Living: “To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple.” – While writing is not easy, it is only as hard as you make it. Don’t get frustrated, take your time, be patient with yourself, review your work and I highly suggest using Grammarly. As much as I wish they were paying me to promote their software, it really is a great writing tool.

Last but not least.. be proud of your work and yourself!

Until next time…. #dontcodealone