Do you want to play a Game?


Holy heck it has been a while, I have been busy studying for the OSCP, and working on my Penetration Testing guide, so I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been waiting for a new post. With that out of the way, I have just one question…

Do you want to play a Game?

Not the full of carnage type, but it may break your Brain.

For all of my Cyber Security gurus, Pen Testers, and Hacker enthusiast out there, I want to tell you about my most recent discovery Hack the Box. Some of you may have heard of it already, but for those of you who haven’t it is a Pen Testing \ Hacking \ practice your skills website.

It is a private network of Hack-able virtual machines with different difficulty levels, and they deploy on average two new machines per month. Boasting a community of like minded individual, and resources for Cyber Security jobs, Hack the Box will push you to your limits, and force you to learn new skills.

Hack the Box is not your typical, sign up for a class, watch a video, and copy someone else, their network of VMs are like you would find on a live network. Learning is through trial and error, you practice in real time, what you have learned and read from other places (Books and Online), and then see what “Hacking” is like in a real world situation.

So, you a are probably wondering, how much does it cost? Well, it is completely free, there is just one catch, you have to hack your way into the site to gain membership. Once you click the Join link you will be prompted for an Invite Code, which you then have to figure out how to get.

Sorry people, no hints, but I’m sure there are resources out there that can teach you how to do it 😉

Once you gain access I highly recommend checking out IPPSEC. He is a YouTuber who post instructional videos on Boxes he compromised from Hack the Box (Most are retired), but if you are new to Pen Testing, his videos are a great educational resource.

Good luck with HtB and until next time.. #dontcodealone