Developer.. God of Programming.

Cloud Computing its been around for a while now, and sometimes new programmers believe they need to Master the Languages of Compute before they soar with those Developer Gods.

Well, I am here to tell you that simply is NOT true.

Yes, it is great to know at least one or two programming languages pretty well, but it is not necessary; all you really need to know are some foundations.

Which languages work best for what you are trying to build, scale, and implement, and what resources do you need to make that happen?

This is where the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification comes in. Having recently passed myself, I was at first very afraid of really diving in to study. So much content, so much reading, and was especially nervous about my being new to coding.

Here is the great thing, the AWS-CDA really takes the values of #dontcodealone to heart. With tons of documentation, forums, and online training available, you are not alone when learning.

Here is the basics of what you will do as a certified AWS Certified Developer:

  1. Choosing the best services for the Application (Where foundational knowledge comes handy)
  2. Using AWS SDKs. (These are development kits made especially for Amazon Web Services. If you know how to pip install, import a module, and google search, you are well on your way to the basics.)
  3. Writing Code to Optimize services (Here is where you will be helping out your fellow programmers)

Definitely hit up the AWS-CDA website to learn more.

Here is what I did to Study:

1. Linux Academy – The most in depth, straight to the point video tutorials I have ever used.

2. The Orion Papers – Also provided by Linux Academy, think of them as an interactive version of AWS documentation.

3. Google Docs – As I watched the tutorials I took notes on Google Docs, they save automatically, and as long as you have internet access (or download as a pdf), you can read them anywhere. So, when I was out and about, I would hop on my phone and read my notes.

4. Lastly, more powerful than the Force: AWS Documentation

Overall, I studied about 4 weeks for the AWS-CDA and passed on my first try, but I was also studying about 4 hours a day, 6 days a week.

It is a lot to learn, but developing in the Cloud is where we never Code Alone.