Danger, Cloud Robinson, Danger!

The Cloud, almost everything we do operates from it, whether we realize it or not. The apps we love, pictures on our phones and tablets, Office 365, or Google DOCs, pretty much no matter the tool, it is cloud based or pulling resources from it.

With the industry push towards the Cloud in the early 2000s and now governments around the world adopting it, we know it is here to stay, for the long run.

With that Bandwagon came the Certifications being driven mostly by Amazon, Google, Openstack and a few others to get a workforce trained up, and ready to distribute Cloud Services.

But, what will follow next? Cloud Security Certifications.. yep you read right, as the trend goes in Information Technology, it always comes full circle.

Help Desk (Tier Support) –> Server\Network Admins –> Database Admins –> Programmers –> Cyber Security and back again.

It’s not that Security is the last thing people think of it, it is just in my opinion the most overlooked, hence this is why there is an Industry Shortage of qualified Cyber Security Professionals.

Take a look at this article from CSO: Research suggests cybersecurity skills shortage is getting worse

With that in mind TriForceCode is shifting focus towards Cyber Security, and this is why our first book was on CompTIA’s Cyber Security Analyst+ Certification. (found here on Amazon)

TriForceCode is dedicating itself to creating Cloud Cyber Security Training with the hope of helping to train the next Generation of Cloud Cyber Security professionals, whether they are Server Admins, Network Admins, Programmers or already IT Gurus, Information Security is important and should never be ignored.

Training will be on the Following:

Please bear in mind that there will be no particular order in which they role out, but I will be releasing them here on TriForceCode and Udemy.

The CySA+ Video Tutorial with Labs is currently in the works and is scheduled for release in November, so please stay tuned. (p.s. All video tutorials will include practice Labs)

Until next time #dontcodealone